Oil Hair Treatments

Victoria Pelas
Is oil good for the hair?

True or false?

Hair product manufactures have provided us with many Oil based products that are great for our hair condition and protection.  However many people continue to take matters into their own hands and use natural cooking oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil for a natural approach to their hair.  Just because you are using something natural does not always mean you will benefit!  These natural oils are sometimes great for skin, however would you apply oil on your skin and then go out into the sun? Not unless you want to burn, brown or damage your skin. THINK!

Think before you use natural cooking oils on your hair and then expect healthy, shinny, bouncy hair.  Natural cooking oils used as treatments or hair protectors, will actually contribute to damage from the inside out creating brittle dry and breaking hair.  Oil and heat is used to cook and fry food! So why would you apply natural cooking oils for protection and then use a blow dryer, flat iron or any other hot mechanical tool to style your hair? Even if natural cooking oil is used as a treatment and then shampooed out, the effect of the warm or hot water used is no different. Heat is heat. Most shampoos do not have the power to remove or breakdown all the oil from the hair unless it is a clarifying shampoo used to remove buildup, chlorine or excessive oil in the hair, which also will strip out the natural oils that is produced from your scalp.  Any natural oil residue remaining in the hair after shampoo will make the hair feel soft and shinny if ALWAYS allowed to dry naturally, however do not forget about sun exposer!

The term OIL has been a great marketing tool for many hair product lines in order to catch your attention.  They have invested millions of dollars, and thousands of hours in their chemistry labs to provide us with great oil based products such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments and serums to give the hair what it needs.  So allow your hair care professionals who have been trained to take care of your hair and prescribe the best hair routine for your hair needs.




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